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Digt: Guilty Conscience

oktober 17, 2008

Guilty conscience is my people’s mind-state
They claim only brothers affect the crime-rate
False accusations but the blame we take
Forced to feel guilt for a crime we didn’t make

We lost our confidence of that I’m confident
They can’t be open minded, they stay intolerant
Self-pity is destructive, practice the opposite
Be proud of your people and stay positive

Don’t let them decide, what’s right or wrong
Believe in yourself man, you gotta stay strong
It’s your own choice, what you’ll focus on
So it’s up to you if you laugh or mourn

It’s the question of life, in existentialism
You ask yourself, whether this life is worth living
I say be grateful, for the life you was given
Don’t spend the rest of your life, in a mental prison

NB! I må IKKE kopiere noget af det min bror har skrevet, ellers kommer jeg efter jer! 🙂


Digt: Hed Danmark

oktober 14, 2008

kontroversiel virkelighed er en gemt hemmelighed

kynisk tarvelighed bevirker politisk behagelighed

flygtninge føler fortabthed plus totalt afmægtighed

de oplever urimelighed pga. dansk uansvarlighed

politiets flabethed sætter ild til voldelighed

hos dem er barmhjertighed en uhørt sjældenhed

Dette digt er bare et af de mange digte min storebror har skrevet. Flere vil blive vist på bloggen hen ad vejen.

Immortal Technique koncert!!!

september 20, 2008

OMFG jeg var til Immortal Techniques koncert i tirsdags! Det var bare for sindssygt, det er første gang jeg møde technique. jeg elsker den mand så meget, han er min yndlings rapper. Jeg begyndte faktisk at græde der jeg fik billetterne til hans koncert (fik billetterne af min bror). det var en rigtig fed koncert, men den gik alt for hurtigt. technique har rent faktisk været i dk før. Han var til roskilde festival for et par år siden. Mange syntes at han talte for meget og rappede for lidt til Roskilde festival, men det gjorde han i hvert fald ikke til koncerten i tirsdags. nå men det var en rigtig fed koncert og min bror og jeg blev rigtig gode venner med hans dj, DJ G.I Joe, som er en sindssyg dygtig dj 😉

Billeder fra koncerten:


august 30, 2008



“Blaxploitation” af Hasan Salaam. Lyrics :

It’s a new day, but shit don’t change.
Plantation, politics and capital gain,
through trials and tribulations.
It’s hard to maintain.
As we push forward, it’s just more of the same.
Hip Hop selling products from Pepsi to champagne.
Advertisers, bad advisors abandon their campaign.
Soon as the dollar’s made,
they on the money train,
Sweeping through our demographics
like rocks of cocaine.
Excessive compulsive, self-indulgence,
impulsive consumerism, and that shit’s repulsive!
The markets like a carcus to a flock of vultures,
salivating at the chance to exploit our culture…

It’s Blaxploitation – exagerration, infatuation, love-hate relation.
We do the work, but who gets the payments
Our 40 Acres, Our Reparations!

That’s how it is. But shit dont change.
Plantations, politics and capital gain.
For the right price of fortune and fame,
who be rappin in black face
for bling and a chain?
Go ahead and do the math
Ice, floss and flash,
used to worship gold
now praying to platinum calf.
After the cash, whats fuckin with that?
Oh mighty dollars, replaced Allah
so holla back!
21 gun salute, Let your pistols clap.
Just as long as the violence is black on black.
Glorify crack, then it’s a rap.
A million sold for your soul,
if there’s a price for that.
Vanilla Ice and Hammer,
hip hop or propaganda?
It’s mainstream now; shit bumps in Montana.
White boys in Iowa call each other ‘nigga’.
They said it wouldnt last y’all…
come on, go figure.


It’s a new day, and somethin gotta change.
Plantation, politics and capital gain.
Modern day slaves with a mind full of chains,
and overseers will never be
loosenin’ up our reigns.
Black, Brown, Red and Yellow
left unable to plan.
Glass ceilings and jail bars make it hard to advance.
Amerikkka never gave brother Malcolm a chance,
till they wanted 33 cents for their government stamps.
Japanese Americans locked in concentration camps,
Indigenous people stocked in reservation lands,
The colonization just started in Afghanastan,
the world is at war and its the fault of Uncle Sam…


Jeg elsker den sang!